By runlife

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Being still has never been a strong character in me.
Eric and I would watch a movie when our babies were babies
and time together was hard to come by.
With three daughters close in age and him with a traveling schedule,
we had to make each second count.
We’d start a movie and sure enough I’d get fidgety.
Multi-tasking is my middle name.
I’d go and start the laundry, fold towels, dry dishes.
This was something that made him batty.
Jenn can’t you just sit?? Be still for a bit?
Relax everyone is sleeping, you need to chill.
God laid on my heart the word new.
And I am thrilled about this word.
New adventures. New. New.
The word alone brings so much excitement.
But for things to be new…. something must be old?? Replaced?? Die??
I’m trying to find the right words..
This kind of scared me.
 Old friends have been dying off real fast.
The phone doesn’t ring as much.
Text messages have stopped.
Invitations haaaaa!!!

I find myself pouring my soul out to God.
Again and again.
Asking Him to just bring spring already.
When the flowers start to bloom.
The trees have buds.
Baby birds are being born.
You can see the newness all around you.

But I feel I am stuck in this season of winter.
Winters around here are grey.
Grey and more grey.
Everything is dormant.
We have had an inch of snow. Just enough to dirty up everything and not enough to play in.

He whispers but I want you to still your heart.

I want you to come closer and closer to me.
You must go through all the seasons.
I am preparing your heart.
For all the new.
 As I woke this morning to my surprise 
it is snowing.
There is a fresh layer of snow.
 It is breath taking.
God is showing me that 
even in the still, quiet season of winter 
it can be beautiful.