By runlife

There is a fireplace in each one of us.Sitting in the bottom of our hearts.Wood is neatly stacked.There is no burninguntil someone lights a match.

You quickly stomp out that fire.Burning hurts.

You stomp and stomp all your life 
 matches people throw your way.
Hurtful words, actions.
All little fires.

Until one day maybe someone pours gasolineall over that wood.Then you watch as they throw the match.And you burn,
while your still living.Burning on fire hurts.Really hurts.
The only way I have found to put out that fire is 
by praying.

Praying is water on a fire.
Forgiveness is aloe on the burns.
And here is where I struggle to write the words.
I love you my friend,
I know what it feels to burn so bad that you feel 
you won’t survive.
 Your insides feel like ashes.
 Smothering smoke can be hard to see past.
I know your heart wants to forgive.
Maybe the words can’t be found to utter
but  the Holy Spirit will intercede for you.
Romans 8:26

I struggle to say this to you,  but there was a time in my life.
Where I was going through some counseling, mentoring
I was struggling to forgive. To pray.
Some would say an unforgivable match.
  A friend and I sat in a field
watching the sun go down.
 He was like a brother to me.
 He knew all I was going through.
My heart was crying out. He was praying for me.
Not one word was said.
I know the Holy Spirit was praying for me.

 The words I will say might be hard for you to swallow.
I know these words can burn like a match.
We must pray for our enemies.
Luke 6:28~ Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despite fully use you.

Matthew 5:44~ But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.

The word love is the Greek word agape.
The essence of this word is self-sacrifice.
It is not a romantic love. Nor does it refer to a friendship.
Agape love is of and from God.
That love can only come from God.
Which is poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit.
God gives us that love.

Do I dare say??
That we are to pray for their hearts?
 Those who doused us in gasoline. 
Maybe those who lit the matches… 
need God.
Maybe their hearts are hurting.
Maybe they are wounded.

But what happens to you, to me when we pray…
When we forgive….
Keeps us from bitterness.
Softens our hearts.
We give God the burden of judgement,when we pray and forgive.
Read that again…. We give God the burden of judgement.
 We no longer have to carry around those chains.
Those chains can get heavy.

Forgiveness  is aloe on the burns.
Praying is water on a  fire.
Dear Heavenly Father.
We know that when we don’t have the strength
to pray or when we can’t find the words to pray
you pray for us.
Help us to forgive and give us that love that only you can give.