Fourteen years ago.

By runlife

Groceries all over the counters.
Dinner being cleaned up. Dishes piled high in the sink.
Music blaring… something like the beeps is playing. Justin that is.
I’m not paying attention I’ve got a list playing in my mind.
Of this needs to get done and that.A kid in her books sitting at the table doing homework.
Pencils and markers falling all over,
working on a project.The two of us hurrying her to  get it done.
Suitcase and golf bag and golf shoes keep tripping me.He leaves for a trip in the morning.

Babe I need you to cut my hair.
My licence has expired, it expired eight years ago.I cried that day.When I realized that I had let it slip.I hadn’t renewed it.For some odd reason I felt that little piece of paper gave me identity.

Sitting in the chair.
Beat up kitchen chair.His hair is  salt and pepper.I tease him that it’ll be all grey soon.It’s from all you girls.
He laughs back.
Big brown eyes looking at me.
I just love his eyes,
they are dark like chocolate.
Eyes that seems to know what you are thinking.
Without you saying.
Long eyelashes. They curl up.
Black cape drapes his neck.His hair it curls.
Curls around my fingers.

I still remember the first time I cut his hair. Seeing him sitting up at the front waiting for me.
Peeking at him through the salon.
My chair was up by the window.
Through the mirror I had seen him walking in.
Wearing a stripped suit, he had removed his tie.

Fourteen and a half years ago.

We had only gone on a couple of dates. A billion butterflies.
An assistant asked me if I wanted her to get him ready. Normally, I would have an assistant wash my clients hair.But not this client.
Guys clients didn’t take time.
In and out.
A guy client meant catching up, if you were running late.

I ran behind that day.

Talking a little to much,flirting too much.I didn’t charge him but he paid anyway.Even left a tip….

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