By runlife

I feel a spring coming.

This winter season was
one of tears and loosing the grip of things I needed to let go of.
It wasn’t easy.
In fact it was down right hard,
prying back each finger,
hard I tell you.
One of those letting go, was this plan
I had for my life.
(please don’t mistake that, I have a blessed life, one I love)
Maybe you have been there?
You have a plan and it goes in the complete direction.
Then the waiting for direction.

I let go of my desires and had to wait for His desires.
Which I don’t know what was harder for this 
fidgety, on the go girl.
Waiting or letting go.
There where nights I couldn’t sleep 
with questions to God.
(Well, maybe some whining, along with it.)

 There was a looking at this really ugly heart of mine,
(only to find more and more filth.)
that is really no fun at all.
I mean no one wants to look at their sin and really look at it.

It was needed.

God showed me this season was so needed,
because these plans, sins, and holding on
where in the way of my talents HE gave me to use.
I couldn’t use the gifts He gave me for Him,

When I so tightly held my onto desires.
Are you in a winter season.
One of waiting.
One of growing.
Maybe you to had a desire,
a plan,
can I say even a dream maybe?
 It deflated and your left wondering why?

Proverbs 3:5
Trust in the Lord with all your heart 
and lean not on your own understanding.

Lean all the way in until you can’t stand on your feet
and trusting is all you have left to do.

There are words floating around and around.
There is so much I learned
so much growing. 
I am not sure I have the words to 
beautifully tell.
There is a verse I want to share that
woke me up,stirred something in me.
A NEW dream.
It’ll have to wait until I get back,
while I am gone, 
please come back and visit, I have some amazing 
friends who wrote some really beautiful posts.
I know you are going to love them 
as much as I do.