By runlife

I remember being so scared. My hands shaking and my stomach leaping, prayers being silently prayed.
The Dr had rushed in and said we need this baby to come 
out now,
your heart rate was dropping.Your daddy holding my hand whispering it was going to be all okay.His joking around to try and calm my fears.Inside I know he was just as scared.He.is.so.brave.So many, Dr’s and nurses crowded around you as your daddy and I waited.
It felt like eternity. Cheering and clapping erupted as you cried your first breath.
A lightness filled the air.

 It’s a girl, someone calls out and everyone laughs, 
(during the rush to take care of you,  no one said.)
Then scores, weight and length are heard.
Your dad never leaving your side,
From across the room tears in his eyes, he lips the words
she isperfect.


Happy beautiful tears.

I remember the day God gave you to us.
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