Celebrating friendship by Becky

By runlife

Please welcome Becky , she blogs over at Daye by Daye, She writes beautifully,and heartfelt. She is a mama to three kids with one on the way. I just love her and feel blessed to call her a friend, I know you will feel the same. Welcome Becky….

Sometimes the best kind of friendship is the unexpected kind. 

I have found this to be true my entire life. It is when I have been willing to take that first step- sometimes the painfully uncomfortable one- of introducing myself that I have found doors opening up into deep and meaningful relationships.
Introducing myself to someone else is never easy. Especially when I can tell that we have different interests. Like my friends who are into fashion. Or the deep thinkers. The ones who love to shop. Or the ones who are uncomfortable with small talk.

In the process of getting to know so many different women, I have learned that there is so much to discover. So much to celebrate! Friendship has taught me to dig deeper, to seek to discover the rare jewels that God has strategically placed into the make up of every individual.

Although it is never easy to introduce myself to someone else, I find myself doing it all the time. Perhaps it is because my family moved around so many times when I was little that I grew accustomed to being the new girl. Or maybe it is because I am naturally outgoing. I have this desire for everyone to feel special, to feel included and so I am willing to be uncomfortable for the sake of someone else.

But sometimes, I just want others to introduce themselves to me. Everyone needs to be pursued once in awhile!
And so, when Jennifer (of the brilliant blog Running This Thing Called Life) introduced herself to me, I was pleasantly surprised. You see, I knew OF Jennifer- I had for years, but I never expected that I would have the opportunity to get to know her. She took the first step- probably a painfully uncomfortable one- and introduced herself to me.

The result has been a beautiful friendship, completely unexpected! In the short time that we have been able to call each other friend, I have learned that Jennifer is one of the most generous women I have ever met. She is able to find the best in everyone she encounters. She is loyal, a constant encourager, a friend who will cheer you on. She is not afraid to share her weaknesses and demonstrates a beautifully authentic spirit. She seeks to bring glory to God through her writing and through her love of others.

And she does! And it is lovely!
Today, I want to celebrate her. For one, it is her birthday! And my wish for her on this day is that she would feel the genuine love and and support from everyone who has been blessed by her generous heart and her faithful encouragement.

But I also want to celebrate Jennifer because she has reminded me to pursue friendship- even in the most unexpected of places. It might be painfully uncomfortable to do so and it might even leave you vulnerable and hurting. BUT it just might be the doorway to a beautiful friendship.

Thank you, Jennifer for the unexpected gift of friendship that you have extended to me. Happy Birthday and best wishes for a year filled with happiness!!!

Becky blogs at Daye by Daye about being a pastor’s daughter, a pastor’s wife and a mom to three (soon to be four!) pastor’s kids. She has the privilege of encouraging other ministry wives through the website (in)courage. Her life is full of deep and wide friendships that continually bless her life.