About Jenn

Meet Jenn

Hi I am so glad youstopped by,I am Jenn,
all my close friends call me Jenn
so please call me Jenn.

I am
an obsessed   coffee drinker,
lover of snickers candy bars,vegetarianmom of three ice skaters.Married to hon, babe,  the hubs , hubby,
  hot stuff
also known asas Eric.

 I have a passion for planning parties and cake decorating.

I worked in a salon behind a chair for
twelve years making others feel fabulous.

I became a Christian in high school.
After I ran away one night, I realized that
I knew about God but didn’t love God
with my whole heart.

I have always had a heart for teens,
this year
I started working with the seniors  girls in our youth group
and I love them so much.

I can tell you that I overuse
the words I love you and
hate goodbyes.
I pray that we can become great friends.
And you leave feeling blessed.