Car lover

By runlife

Jackets and arguing.
Pulling on shoes and mittens.
They slowly make their way to the car.Or should I say the  beast.We are debating a name for her.
I picked Sally.

Quickly turning me down. My girls. That is.
Names like Lilly and Sparkle are at the top of the list. We take that big black Yukon everywhere. Back and forth to school, the rinks, competitions.
She gets beat up in between car pools.
Legs, feet and bodies in and out.
Backpacks bang up against her.
Changing clothes.
Wrappers from snacks lay all over.
She never complains. Good old sally is the best beast we have.
The last one gets in and buckles up.
In the rearview mirror she 
gives me that look to, let’s go.
Irritated that she is always the last one in.
Last one we always have to wait for, 
the last one that needs to run in to get one more thing.
My mind going a million places at once.Library first for the project. Work on this when we get home. What store do I need to go to?? Is the laundry dry?? What’s for dinner…..Lost in my thoughts, my forever to do list…Then I hear that sound…That sinking feeling sound…
That there is no way I hit a car sound…
MOM drive up, drive up…Her big brown eyes, screaming to me.I love her big brown eyes with her long eyelashes that hit the top of her lids .Mascara that kid will never need.I pull the car in drive,and stopped. The back door flies open.Hair all tousled,pajama pants and a white t-shirt
yah the white shirts I still need to bleach, come to stand…And stare in disbelief.
What was that sound???? He thinks I hit his toy. The one that is covered notwith one car cover, but two.The poor car guy, lover of all things cars. He married the girl who had just forgot she hit the garage door opener as she was pulling out of the garage.The girl who waves to him.
Blows a kiss, smiles
The car lover looks 
and stares
shakes his head,
Then closes the door.

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