Serve others

By runlife

When my girlfriends and I house were filled with babies and tots.Footy pajamas and baby gates. New bundles of joys were being added. And everyone would huddle to see. Unexpected family deaths and hubby’s that traveled.A lot. Pulling out our hair seemed to be the best option. Or crying on the family room, floor. One of us would set up weeks’ worth of dinners. For our loved friend that was in need.One less thing for her to think about.Getting the meals were great. But giving them was even better.
I already told you how I wanted to bang my head against the wall when I helped in the church nursery.I dreaded going to church because I hated it so much. I felt relief when I finally stopped.
I won’t go into how I actually bless others by NOT singing. I have a voice of a dying dog… not of an angel.   
But…..Cooking comes easy to me, I actually love to cook. Singing well that doesn’t come so easily….

When we use our talents, gifts,(those things that come so easy to us) to serve others, we get overwhelming joy and happiness.I think God designed that feeling. Wouldn’t you agree??
That feeling alone can fill up any
emptiness we feel.

When you read a good book or see a
good movie you lose yourself for a bit, right??
When I was going through some difficult things in my life.
Going through some struggling,
I could  I did get all caught up in me,
all I was going through.
 When I served others I lost myself.
My focus came off of me and onto God.
Maybe serving others is that mental break
we need from our own heartaches.
Our own struggles.
Maybe serving others teaches us to breathe again.

In return I feel blessed, those empty little spaces in my heart, get filled with Him and His work.
Are you wondering what you could possibly do to serve??
You might feel you have no talents.
But that is not true,
you have talents.
God gave you gifts and passions He gave no one else.
What do you love to do??
What are you good at??
What makes your heart tick??
What comes easy to you??
Those things…
Are the things you can do to serve.
Those things you fill your arms with.