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Isaiah 30:15

Linking up with Jane over at Girl Meets Paper on Monday’s we mediate on a verse. Join us?? HereI am loving this link-up. Jane is super sweet.It has been stretching me to write about verses.Thinking about the meanings and how it can apply to my life.THEN sharing  … Yeah that is where I am s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g. Write a post on your own blog that incorporates a story […]


The way home by Heather

Please welcome Heather, her blog home is The extraordinary ordinary also known as The E.O. on Tuesdays we link up and write our days, the ordinary ones that become oh so extraordinary. She is one of the bravest, honest most beautiful writers I know (she is a sweetheart too) I know you’ll love her as much as I do. Welcome, Heather… I am on a flight where […]


Beauty out of ashes by E.J.

Please welcome E.J she writes over at  Path of authenticity, I love her words and her heart, I know you will agree, she has become a great friend, I am blessed. Welcome, E.J….I look at this pile of ashes heaped up before me, they are called “my life”. He says that He makes beauty out of ashes, and I never understood it before. The ashes […]


Dry bones by Grace

Please welcome Grace. She blogs over at Gabbing with Grace she writes open, honestly, and beautifully. She is in the process of writing a book, woohoo! I am blessed to call her a friend and  I just love Grace and I know you will too! Welcome Grace…. I was reading Ezekiel today.  You know the passage where God leads him into a valley of bones (?!?!?!) and […]


Celebrating friendship by Becky

Please welcome Becky , she blogs over at Daye by Daye, She writes beautifully,and heartfelt. She is a mama to three kids with one on the way. I just love her and feel blessed to call her a friend, I know you will feel the same. Welcome Becky…. Sometimes the best kind of friendship is the unexpected kind.  I have found this to be true my […]


Brave enough to be real by… Joanne

Please welcome Joanne, she writes over at In which we start anew , I met her through another friend  and I am so glad I did. I have been blessed by her words and friendship. Her writing is beautiful and lovely. I know your going to love her as much as I do.Welcome Joanne… The report card read, “If you have any advice for how to motivate […]



I remember being so scared. My hands shaking and my stomach leaping, prayers being silently prayed.The Dr had rushed in and said we need this baby to come out now,your heart rate was dropping.Your daddy holding my hand whispering it was going to be all okay.His joking around to try and calm my fears.Inside I know he was just as many, Dr’s and nurses crowded around […]



I feel a spring coming. This winter season wasone of tears and loosing the grip of things I needed to let go of.It wasn’t easy.In fact it was down right hard,prying back each finger,hard I tell you.One of those letting go, was this planI had for my life.(please don’t mistake that, I have a blessed life, one I love)Maybe you have been there?You have a […]


Fourteen years ago.

Groceries all over the counters.Dinner being cleaned up. Dishes piled high in the sink.Music blaring… something like the beeps is playing. Justin that is.I’m not paying attention I’ve got a list playing in my mind.Of this needs to get done and that.A kid in her books sitting at the table doing homework.Pencils and markers falling all over,working on a project.The two of us hurrying her to […]



There is a fireplace in each one of us.Sitting in the bottom of our hearts.Wood is neatly stacked.There is no burninguntil someone lights a match. You quickly stomp out that fire.Burning hurts. You stomp and stomp all your life  matches people throw your way.Hurtful words, actions.All little fires. Until one day maybe someone pours gasolineall over that wood.Then you watch as they throw the match.And you burn,while […]